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The Milk is In

Healthy decisions come from informed decisions.

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How it all started

My Story

My name is Mila and I am a Registered Nurse and a twin mama to Viktor and Sloane. My RN background is in medicine and surgery but I have always had a passion for women's health and breastfeeding. I got my first taste of maternal-infant care in University, however, I did not realize the true ebb and flow of mothering at the breast until I had my own babies. Through my own breastfeeding struggles, I realized there is a significant gap in our community and hospital in breastfeeding support and prenatal education. My aim and goal is to help close this gap, by providing education and support to our families in the Shuswap and surrounding areas. To help round out my experience as an RN, I have completed my Breastfeeding certification for Health Care Providers with Douglas College. Also, I have developed a sincere curiosity with tethered oral ties (lip and tongue ties) and how they impact the breastfeeding relationship. This added knowledge has provided me with the ability to give families a well rounded assessment and support to ensure their breastfeeding journey is successful.

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